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Villa Fantome is a story about Strength.  Resilience.  Hope. Transformation. 

On September 6, 2017, the island of St. Maarten was struck by one of the most powerful hurricanes recorded in modern history. Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm, tore through this small Caribbean island leaving behind destruction that was unimaginable. With sustained winds nearing 200 miles per hour and a coastal surge over 30 feet, this "super" hurricane submerged entire neighborhoods and covered an area the size of mainland France.  It left the island completely devastated. Homes were destroyed, businesses were gone, and lives were lost.  Several days later, the island felt the effects of yet another storm, Hurricane Maria. While this storm did not impact St. Maarten directly,  it was still a double blow to an island that was already suffering.  

Villa Fantome, like many other homes, survived the storm. But what sadly remained were only floors and walls. There was no roof, no windows, no doors. The interior of the home had been completely destroyed.  After the storm, the home had been abandoned and left to the elements. The previous owners evacuated the island at their first opportunity and never looked back.  Almost one year after Hurricane Irma, the property was purchased by new owners who had the vision, determination, and fortitude to look beyond its current state. They saw the potential of this incredible property and were willing to take the risk of rebuilding.  


After 12 months of extensive renovations, the property has been completely transformed to the beautiful, luxury vacation home that it is today. We invite you to come visit the island of St. Maarten, experience the strength and determination of its people to rebuild, and enjoy the unique property that is now known as Villa Fantome.

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